Annamaria Alfieri

Wildebeests In Africa

Take Your Imagination on Safari

Strange Gods

British East Africa, 1911
There are rules for the British and rules for tribal people. Vera McIntosh, daughter of Scottish missionaries, having grown up in Africa with Kikuyu playmates, is not the well-bred Scottish maiden her mother would like her to be. More than anything, she dreams of the idealistic and handsome Justin Tolliver, an Assistant District Superintendent of Police she's danced with.

When the body of Vera's uncle, the doctor at the mission hospital, is found with a tribesman's spear in his back, Tolliver comes to investigate. He first focuses on a Kikuyu medicine man known to have condemned the doctor, whose cures were increasingly preferred over his. But the weapon is a Maasai spear, not Kikuyu, and it's doubtful the witch doctor would have used it.

Tolliver's superior wants him to arrest the medicine man, but Tolliver pleads for the chance to prove the man's guilt. With the help of Kwai Libazo, a tribal lieutenant, Tolliver discovers that others also had reasons to hate the Scottish doctor.

This romantic and engaging mystery captures the beauty and the danger of the African wild and the complexities of life when cultures clash.

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The Idol of Mombasa

The Coast of British East Africa, 1912
The British are tangled in an uneasy peace with the Sultan of Zanzibar. Much of the tangle concerns the slave trade. The British have outlawed it, but Arab law permits it, and to keep the uneasy peace, the Brits must turn a blind eye to some infractions of their rules.

This slippery morality infuriates Vera Tolliver, a Scottish missionary's daughter and the bride of an English police officer whose job it is to enforce the law...after he figures out what it is. The murder of a runaway slave only increases the complications, especially because a longtime friend of Vera's family is the likeliest suspect. And Vera and Tolliver discover that official fingers are knotted into the tangle's every strand.

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