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La Ciudad de Plata

Potosí, 1650

 En 1650, en el Virreinato español del Perú, Potosí, la ciudad más próspera del mundo corre el riesgo de quedar en la ruina. Ciertos ciudadanos que han falsificado monedas de plata están bastante ansiosos porque el rey de España los tiene bajo investigación. Por si fuera poco, Inez de la Morada, la encantadora y querida hija del rico y poderoso alcalde, muere misteriosamente en el convento de Santa María Isabel de los Santos Milagros, donde había huido al haber desafiado a su padre. Aunque parece que la joven se suicidó, la madre abadesa María Santa Hilda no cree que Inez se haya quitado la vida y la entierra en la tierra sagrada del convento. El Inquisidor local ve esto como la oportunidad perfecta para llevar a la
madre abadesa ante el Tribunal.

Con su vida en peligro, María Santa Hilda se encuentra en una carrera contra el tiempo para probar la verdadera causa de la muerte de Inez.

Ahora, en el lenguaje de su historia de fondo, La Ciudad de Plata le encantará tanto a los amantes de las novelas históricas como a los amantes de las novelas de misterio con su impresionante sentido de autenticidad. Library Journal la describió como una «novela de misterio en el que la historia de América Latina cobra vida», y The Washington Post dijo: «Tanto como historia y misterio, La Ciudad de Plata brilla».

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La Ciudad de Plata

The City of Silver

Potosí, 1650

 Under investigation by the King of Spain for producing counterfeit silver coins, anxieties are high among the citizens of Potosí. If that were not enough, Inez de la Morada, the bewitching, cherished daughter of the rich and powerful Mayor, mysteriously dies at the convent of Santa Maria Isabella de los Santos Milagros, where she had fled in defiance of her father. It looks as though the girl committed suicide, but Mother Abbess Maria Santa Hilda believes her innocent and has her buried at the convent in sacred ground.

With her life at stake, Maria Santa Hilda finds herself in a race against time to prove the true cause of Inez’s death.

Now in the genuine language spoken by its varied cast of characters, La Ciudad de Plata will please both history and mystery buffs alike with its stunning sense of authenticity. Library Journal described it as a “nail-biting thriller in which Latin American history comes alive,” and The Washington Post said “As both history and mystery, City of Silver glitters.”

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Invisible Country

Paraguay, 1868

A war against Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay has devastated Paraguay. Ninety percent of the males between the ages of eight and eighty have died. Food is scarce. In the small village of Santa Caterina, Padre Gregorio advises the women of his congregation to abandon the laws of the church and get pregnant by what men are available. As he leaves the pulpit, he discovers the murdered body of Ricardo Yotté, one of the most powerful men in the country, at the bottom of the belfry.

Suspects abound…but to avoid having an innocent person dragged off to torture and death, a band of villagers undertakes to solve the crime. Each carries secrets they seek to protect from the others, while they pursue their quest for the truth.

Lyrical, complex, and meticulously researched, Annamaria Alfieri's Invisible Country is an ingenious cross between Isabel Allende and Agatha Christie.

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Invisible Country

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Strange Gods
In early 20th century British East Africa, there are rules for the British and different ones for the Africans. Vera McIntosh, the daughter of Scottish missionaries, doesn't feel she belongs to either group; having grown up in Africa, she is not interested in being the well-bred Scottish woman her mother would like her to be. More than anything, she dreams of seeing again the handsome police officer she's danced with. But more grisly circumstances bring Justin Tolliver to her family's home.

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The Idol of Mombasa
The British don't belong in Africa. Their skins are too pale, their clothing too heavy and elaborate, their morality all wrong. And yet, here they are in 1912 in the British Protectorate of East Africa, tangled in an uneasy peace with the Sultan of Zanzibar.

Much of the tangle in this new mystery in Alfieri's East Africa series concerns the slave trade. The British have outlawed it, but, well, it's all a matter of who you know and who you owe, isn't it? That slippery morality infuriates Vera Tolliver, a Scottish missionary's daughter and the bride of an English police officer, whose job it is to enforce the law...after he figures out what it is.

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The Blasphemers
Justin Tolliver is on the brink of an enormous change. The younger son of an English peer - that is, the son with no money and no prospects - he had joined the police force in British East Africa, full of dreams of bringing his majesty's justice to a dark and savage world. But it's 1913, and with his faith in the British government in tatters, Justin is opting instead for life as an African farmer and a newly minted family-man. It is his wife, Vera, who has helped him put aside images of darkness and come to see Africa, instead, as all but lit from within. Even as Justin is embracing Africa, Vera's faith in the land is being tested, as she is brought face-to-face with terrible brutalities and her own naiveté. There are murders, yes, and Justin and Vera will take a hand in solving them. But when the crimes are solved, and the killers brought to justice, Justin and Vera and eventually their young son will have to reckon with levels of injustice far beyond anything they had understood.

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Strange Gods
Published by Tritonic Books a Bogdan Hrib company that describes it in Romanian as follows: Vera este fiica unui misionar scotian, crescutã de micã in inima Africii. Justin Tolliver, fiu de nobil englez, dar fãra resurse financiare accept o functie de inspector adjunct de politie. Cei doi tineri se plac, dar nu au curajul de a-si imp?rt?si sentimentele.

Dar când unchiul Verei, afemeiatul doctor Pennymann este ucis cu o sulitã maasai, iar principalul suspect este un vraci local, destinele celor doi tineri se apropie din nou.

*Alfieri illuminates the complexities and cruelties of the colonial rule while giving readers an engrossing romance and mystery."  – Booklist

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Strange Gods, Romanian Edition